Best of all Worlds.


Growing up in the metropolis of Istanbul, London based DJ and Producer, Cengiz Ulusahin, was regularly exposed to a myriad of musical styles and interpretations, from old to new, eastern to western, from Pop to Folk to Rock to Electronic, and perhaps most importantly, Jazz… Tuning into the likes of Acik Radyo and Oxygen, he was able to find a passageway into the more underground sounds such us Trip hop and Drum & Bass in the mid 90s.

By the age of 19 he started living in a city widely viewed as the world capitol of music: London. With an ever growing passion for music Cengiz was quickly becoming an avid audience member of BBC Radio 1 and the pirate radio stations throughout London, where he was able to delve further into the world of electronic dance music. Lustful ears and a thirsty talent drove Cengiz to start properly collecting records and playing a mixture of Nu Jazz, Hiphop and Broken Beats to the up and coming generation of London’s clubbers, hipsters, and musicophiles alike; over the years Cengiz has played at London’s better known venues and festivals such as Cafe 1001, Cargo, ULU, East Village, The Egg, Gramophone, Rhythm Factory, Luminaire, and Lovebox…

2010 birthed Cengiz’s heavily successful Best of All Worlds podcasts, though Cengiz’s talents are not limited to playing music - he has a keen ear for producing as well; his productions and remixes have been getting support from and the likes of Gilles Peterson, Red Rackem, Simon Harrison, Eddy Ramich and the CDR - NTS radio show.

Cengiz regularly visits his home town Istanbul where he plays live at Trip V2.0, Streogun, Pixie and Mini Muzik Hall as well as making appearances on Istanbul’s Acik Radio (Ahmet Gunes - Lovaj), Standard FM (Ertan Kurt - Soulfunktion) and to Turkey’s sunny south as a reoccurring DJ for Sunsplash Festival.

Podcasts and productions from Cengiz Ulusahin can be found online at his Best Of All Worlds website (